Author: Richard Hurtley

Fashion Marketplaces to Drive your European Sales

We run through the biggest fashion marketplaces in Europe and look at the pros and cons of each model

— Richard Hurtley

The Opportunity for Local Retail

What do our new shopping habits mean for local retailers? We find out how they’re best placed to take advantage of our changed routines.

Selecting the Right Global Marketplaces, in the Right Order

Don’t make rushed channel decisions, follow our four step process to assess profitability and viability of different marketplace channels and operational setups.

— Richard Hurtley

Too much stock? The polarisation of sales and how to handle it

There is a new reality for eCommerce emerging from the impacts of Covid-19, and the data we’re seeing is outlining some compelling cases for retailers and Brands to act fast in various sectors. No matter your sector and present experience in this polarisation, clearing stock via new channels is becoming increasingly critical.

— Richard Hurtley

3 Essential Amazon Marketing Tactics You Need To Use In 2020

Every brand has a unique marketing initiative. However, what tends to be a standard feature amongst them all is an emphasis on growth. If you’re looking to boost your sales in 2020, there are several tactics you need to know about, including organic rankings, creative content tools and paid media.

— Richard Hurtley