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Covering Your Bets with Channel Coverage – Part 2

In this guest post, Tony Kyberd, COO of ecommerce platform and services provider Volo Commerce, focuses on how the insurance policy of multichannel ecommerce pays up.

— Tony Kyberd

Covering Your Bets with Channel Coverage – Part 1

In this guest post, Tony Kyberd, COO of ecommerce platform and services provider Volo Commerce, looks at the philosophy of covering your retail bets with multichannel ecommerce.

— Tony Kyberd

Cdiscount’s Answers to FBA & Prime

Find out more about Cdiscount – France’s second largest online marketplace. Get to know Cdiscount à Volonté and Fulfilment by Cdiscount.

Myth Busting – Marketing is for my Website, not Marketplaces

A tight marketing budget doesn’t mean that you should only focus marketing on your own website. Your marketplace sales can provide just as much, if not more value and there are plenty of low cost opportunities available to boost your brand (even some free ones). Our marketing expert explores his top tips…

— Chris Denham

Selecting the Right Global Marketplaces, in the Right Order

Don’t make rushed channel decisions, follow our four step process to assess profitability and viability of different marketplace channels and operational setups.

— Richard Hurtley

The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Selling

Manufacturers, Brands and suppliers have woken up and started selling direct to consumers, sometimes hiding their true identity to avoid disturbing their contracting wholesale model and network. Websites are harder and harder to grow successfully and the world is buying on marketplaces.

— Matthew Ferguson

Too much stock? The polarisation of sales and how to handle it

There is a new reality for eCommerce emerging from the impacts of Covid-19, and the data we’re seeing is outlining some compelling cases for retailers and Brands to act fast in various sectors. No matter your sector and present experience in this polarisation, clearing stock via new channels is becoming increasingly critical.

— Richard Hurtley

A Note from Rich Insight – Staying Positive

It hasn’t been a good series of weeks for many of us. It will be a few months for many more of us. Mixed in these troubling times, you hear about the positives of the human spirit. Individual acts of kindness are relatable and sincere news stories we share and appreciate, reminding us good people are out there helping strangers who need it most.

3 Essential Amazon Marketing Tactics You Need To Use In 2020

Every brand has a unique marketing initiative. However, what tends to be a standard feature amongst them all is an emphasis on growth. If you’re looking to boost your sales in 2020, there are several tactics you need to know about, including organic rankings, creative content tools and paid media.

— Richard Hurtley

Top 6 Levers To Online Marketplace Profitability

Online marketplaces have often got many varied objectives for brands – sales growth, brand awareness, incremental sales, testing new markets etc… but rarely does this come without a caveat on the amount of profit required.

— Richard Hurtley