Initial Challenge

  • Significant marketplace sales already – looking for incremental growth
  • Looking to grow channel sustainably – not looking for a short-term fix
  • Need for increased operational efficiency and process – need to scale the full operation to make it more sustainable
  • Need support launching new channels
  • Need support with scaling listing optimisation
  • Want to diversify sales outside of Amazon – spreading risk across further channels


Why did Charles Bentley choose to engage with Rich Insight?


Approach and Scale

  • Helped improve channel decision making – utilising channel experience to support brand decisions
  • Optimised listings across all sites and regions
  • Rolled out A+ and Stores on Amazon listings – increasing brand awareness across the channel
  • Expanded onto new marketplaces like Fruugo globally and Manomano EU
  • Improved operational processes for listings across catalogue
  • Created Ebay Promoted Listing campaigns


  • Average 60% YoY channel growth for a multi-million channel
  • Helped non-Amazon marketplaces become over 33% of the sales mix in last 12 months
  • Grew Fruugo to 6 figure a month sales
  • Grew Manomano Germany by 400% YoY
  • Ebay Promoted Listings caused sales growth of 43% in France

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