Don’t let customer service interrupt your sales

THERE’s nowhere to hide on marketplaces

On your website, you are in control but on a marketplace, if you don’t look after your customers the everyone’s going to know about it.

Amazon doesn’t care about the Seller, they are focused on the Buyer so  if you are letting down “their” Buyers, they will know and they are quick to take action. Account suspensions are commonplace if your numbers go south so you have to make sure you have both the team and the knowledge to deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.

Most businesses already have a team in place to handle queries from their websites or social media so we work with them to ensure they have the right systems in place and are monitoring in the right places to provide sellers with an efficient and speedy service.

But, if you will struggle to cover the additional load, we have a team of Marketplace Customer Care Specialists who have you covered.


Or speak with a Customer Care Specialist now:+44 (0)808 164 6605

service if you need it training if you don’t

we ensure that your customers get the right support no matter who’s doing the looking after

team training

When launching sellers on marketplaces we have to ensure that the customer service piece is checked off otherwise our selling adventure is going to be a short one. But, if you haven’t worked with them before, looking after Marketplaces customers can represent a whole new learning curve.

We work with you to define the processes that will create the least upheaval but that will ensure a great customer experience for your buyers. 

We then conduct training sessions with your team to ensure they know what to do and, almost as important, what to monitor.

If standards slip we are checking and will work with you to fix any problems and even contact the marketplace if your account status was impacted to ensure you are back up and running with minimal impact.

managed services

While we can’t stop mistakes happening in your warehouse, we can try and clear up after you and make sure your customers remain happy and, perhaps more importantly, your accounts remain in rude health.

It goes without saying that we know what to look for and how to do things to ensure this doesn’t happen and much of what we know has been bottled up and given to our Customer Service reps who eat A-Z claims for breakfast.

I don’t want to scare you but, even if you respond quickly, offer the customer the earth and get them to their happy place quickly, if you process a refund wrongly on eBay, you can get hit with a defective order.

This bolt on service is not needed for everyone but it’s there if you need it.


Or speak with a Marketplaces Growth Specialist now:+44 (0)808 164 6605