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At the heart of all online Marketplaces is a product search engine. Amazzon’s is called A9, eBay’s is called Cassini, not sure if Cdiscount have given their’s a name.

Anyway, these search engines have two jobs: show products relevant to the search the user entered; sort those products into some kind of order. eBay’s default sort order is known as “Best Match” and is designed to show the most relevant products first. But how does it decide what “relevant” means?

There are a number of aspects Cassini will consider when calculating Best Match but one fundamental component is the historical sales. The more a product has sold, the higher it will rank.

Daily Deals pick up loads of sales in a short time so, not only do you get the benefit of those sales, but your search ranking also benefits creating a lasting boost for your sales.

Win, and indeed, win!

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    It’s not always straightforward submitting deals. You need to know what the site is looking for, how they decide and how to submit it in the first place.

    You don’t need to have an eBay account manager when you partner with us. As an eBay partner, our customers are able to submit deals no matter their size.

    We can help you select your product. Ensuring you know what to look for and giving you the best chance of success. We help you prepare your submission and then get it in front of the right person.

    Support where and when you need it

    Choosing products for deals requires you to consider your profit margins, sales velocities, stock levels and the desired outcomes. We do a lot but these are aspects we think you are better at.

    No one knows your product better than you but you need the context. How do participate in a site wide promotion? What should you expect from an Amazon Lightning Deal?

    We have contacts and most marketplaces from La Redoute to Catch to Walmart. If you need someone to talk to and have struggled to find a way in, we can normally help.


    the gift that keeps on giving

    As an eBay partner, we can help with more than just deals submissions:


    • If your account is hacked or damaged, we can help you get back on track faster
    • Need to fast track a new account but have hit your listing limits? We might be able to speed things up.
    • Want to know what changes to taxonomies are coming before they become a Monday morning headache that ruins your week? Or want to be ready to use new exciting features the minute they activate? We know what’s coming for eBay sellers long before they do – be ready and stay ahead with our help

    Or speak with a Marketplaces Growth Specialist now:
    +44 (0)808 164 6605