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New channels mean new revenue

We work with any system

Do you know which marketplaces you want to sell on and where? How big is your inventory and how easy is it to create listings at scale? How do you intend to process orders and inform the marketplaces when they ship?

Once we know what you want we help you match the systems to your budget, goals and existing systems to select the best system for you… and not just the one that comes with the service.

Our team of data specialists and proprietary data management software have been developed to work with any listing tool and any data source to manage large numbers of listings with precision and automation.

Optimised listings at scale!

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Project ManageMent

Firstly, we create an Account Plan with you. This includes suggestions of where channels and features that will best be suited to your products.  This plan is shared online and updated regularly to form the basis of our work and to give you visibility of our progress

Each week of the launch we host a full team call to discuss progress, issues and next actions so you always know how things are progressing.

Once we’re up and running and have sales coming in we use that data to refine the plan and adjust the strategy to drive continuous growth for your business – always looking for new opportunities and ways to grow. And, with over 450 global marketplaces, there is no shortage of opportunity.



When you first launch on marketplaces you need to deal with the three types of data:

  1. Product data from you to the marketplace
  2. Order information back to you
  3. Shipping infirmation from you to the marketplace

You can build these connections directly to the marketplace but then you’d need to build the same thing all over again when you come to launch the next marketplace.

Many tools also unify order processes and reporting while adding 

The trouble is that the biggest and most capable platforms can be quite… well… pricey so we apply our experience to help you make the right choices.

Systems integrationS

Having worked with many many platforms over the years, we work with you and your developers to determine the simplest and most effective way to add marketplaces to your sales channels.

There are many things to consider: How often do you need to update your stock levels? How will you process orders? Who will handle refunds?What do we need to do to get the Amazon Prime badge and is it worth it? Where will your finance team get the data to reconcile the new channels?

In fact, the number of things to consider can be quite overwhelming but we’ve pretty much seen them all so we can ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choices for your business.

Marketplace set up

Your marketplace accounts need configuring. In the main, it is the seller’s responsibility to set up the account and provide the necessary documentation but there are a number of settings that can be a little confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On ebay you can set things up to automatically approve returns based on rules. For shipping you need to configure your Business Policies and the same is true of retruns policies.

Customer communications and escalations are relevant on all channels and you can find your account restricted or even suspended if you get it wrong.

With Rich Insight on board, you don’t need to worry as we will guide through all of it.

Or speak with a Marketplaces Growth Specialist now:+44 (0)808 164 6605