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fully optimised listings can double your sales

Let’s start with a free listings audit

It can be tricky knowing what to do. We carry out an audit for anyone interested in our services as it tells us both whether you need our help and it tells you what you’re doing wrong.

It’s one thing knowing there’s an issue and another thing actually fixing it. We’ve developed our own software so we can map your data at scale and get products live in an optimal state faster and cheaper than you can do it yourselves.

Don’t believe us? Well, why not put us to the test?

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what “Listings Optimisation” means and why it’s so important.

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Each channel is different but the rules are the same

the goal is to maximise visibility for your products. for that, you need quality listings.


Nothing is more important than a title. It is the first text a buyer reads. It is their first impression of your tone, level of care, depth, presentation and attention to detail.

But before the buyer sees the title, he has to find it. Titles straddle a line between being keyword optimised for visibility, and reading well to ensure you attract buyers once they have found you but not people not looking for your specific product who might impair conversion metrics longer term.

Our methodology considers the decision making processes in our emotionally driven brains but balances this with channel algorithm studies and a sprinkling of common sense.


While approximately 80% of shoppers will use the search features to find products. For searchers, the Category is typically the first filter that shoppers use to narrow their search so you need to list in the right spot.

That still leaves 20%, most of whom are browsing by category. Your product needs to be in the right category to find those buyers.

The category also dictates the attributes (Item Specifics if you have an eBay focus) that a product requires.

But what about a product that technically fits two different categories? Or more? Is it better to list in a category with loads of traffic and competition, or less competition, but less traffic? We’re not going to answer that here but feel free to get in touch.


Once you know the category of a product, you know what attributes the marketplace will show to the buyer in the form of a search filter. Not all attributes are created equal: more shoppers will filter on the size of a shoe than the material it is made of.

Dont’ skip this crucial step. In fact, do the opposite: if you don’t have all the information for a product, go and find it because the more you can tell your buyers about your product, the more you will sell.

We examine your descriptions and scan your images, building attributes as deeply as we can to fit channel taxonomies, because we know it’s in your interest. It’s not exactly fun easy work, but it’s worth it.


All channels rely on search terms in titles and attributes but if we had 50p for every time we’ve seen a poorly constructed title we’d have… well, a lot!

Amazon has a whole dedicated field for search terms… and so many sellers use it poorly, or not at all!

There are many many tools out there promising to mine the perfect search terms for your product. They are helpful. But they are machines, and last I checked the toaster still burns toast if you don’t set it up and monitor it properly.

We use people and data from your PPC campaigns or other channels to ensure your listings have the right weighting to attract the buyers you want.


We consider the full data when creating our listings:

Images sell products. An eBay study suggested that a secondary image on a product will increase conversion by around 8% on average, while further images will add 3% a time. Make of that what you will.

Descriptions should be enhanced with details of the product, the brand and anything else that will reassure and add value but each site has its own rules and functioanlity so you need to know what is and isn’t permitted.

Amazon Bullets are hugely valuable as they tell buyers what they need to know to make a buying decision: Will it fit? Is it compatible? How do you set it up?

We provide guidance or carry out the work. Whatever you need, talk to one of our Specialists to find out if we have a solution to suit your business.


Or speak with a Marketplaces Growth Specialist now:+44 (0)808 164 6605