Amazon Marketing: 3 Essentials for Driving Profitable Growth in 2020

Every brand has a unique marketing initiative. However, what tends to be a standard feature amongst them all is an emphasis on growth.

Although this may seem an obvious tactic, without it, brands will have no mechanism to drive customer awareness, get new customers or even retain their old ones.

Ultimately, brands need to make sure their customers always remain engaged across all their platforms, all of the time. After all, the best performing selling platforms tend to be the ones in which the customer can fully participate.

3 Essential Amazon Marketing Tactics You Need to Use in 2020

If you’re looking to boost your sales in 2020, there are several tactics you need to know about, including organic rankings, creative content tools and paid media.


One of the best examples of a brand that has changed along with its customer is Amazon. The platform operates on the basis that thousands of products appear from multiple brands which appeal to the customer.

The first step an Amazon seller must take to ensure their product achieves maximum success is to optimise their product catalogue. Something Amazon refers to as being ‘retail ready’.

To achieve this, you’ll need to know all the factors that affect product rankings, then put them into place with your range of products. Just a snapshot of things you’ll need to consider includes fulfilment methods, reviews, images and advertising.

“Customers want to experience the brand in depth”


Customers quickly forget about a boring product page. Instead, product pages need to be engaging and convey your story well.
For brands to stand out against the competition, they must create ‘conversion machines’. After all, brands are now in a crowded marketplace full of millions of retailers and creative agencies.

Customers no longer want to see pages full of product details. They want to experience the brand in depth. Thankfully, Amazon has introduced many new content tools that can help with this. Including things like new ways to display images and other forms of on-page content.

Contrastingly, there are also relatively simple ways to get more customers to convert. Engaging brand stories, frequently asked questions sections and ‘use cases’ for products are all easy to implement and can help you deliver the best results possible.


One of the best ways to improve sales is by maximising your brand’s position in front of your target audience. However, this can be easier said than done, especially as organic space can be tough to win, and sponsored ads are slowly taking over.

These types of adverts are placed in the most prominent positions, maximising the chance of potential customers to see them. However, they must be relevant and look credible to have maximum impact by making sure they stand out from the many other generic products/ads that exist.

Above all, setting up paid ads has never been easier through Amazon, and due to the sophisticated targeting options available, it can only do wonders for your sales and in creating a longer term ROI which you have more influence on.

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