Towards the end of May, Britain finally received some long awaited sunshine. In typical British fashion, this meant it was time to soak up all the sun possible as families flocked to seaside towns across the country. Lucky they did, because after 3 weeks of blue skies we were back to thunderstorms…

So, what impact did this very mini heatwave have on Amazon? Who were the winners in Britain’s ever-changing weather forecast?


A day at the beach

Beach preparations were in full swing, despite the freezing water temperatures! Sales for these Dock & Bay towels increased 887% in the 3 weeks to 16th June.

Beach Towel Revenue

£1,137,590 (+28%)

Beach toy sales soared 147% from the previous period, with sales nearly reaching £1 million. These water frisbees were the biggest seller, with sales increasing over 300%.

Of course, a day at the beach isn’t complete without a picnic – more than 68,000 picnic blankets were sold from 26th May-16th June. That’s a 74% increase on the previous period, with the average price coming in at £16.99. However, this bestseller had people splashing out £23.99 for an insulated, sand-proof, waterproof option for a luxury day out.



For those with a sun soaked garden, the back lawn became the local beach bar. As people prepared to host up to 30 friends, garden furniture sales boomed – in the week commencing 31st May alone, over 75,000 garden furniture sets were sold. Having not seen family and friends in so long, Brits were keen to impress as these luxury sets revealed themselves as the bestsellers, with over £1.9 million sales each over the three week period. The finishing touch was this Char-Broil BBQ which made over £1.5 million across the three weeks, with sales increasing nearly 200%.

The biggest mover and shaker in the garden oasis was the paddling pool, which saw a 555% sales increase compared to the previous period. Buyers didn’t want to leave their canine friends out of the fun, as swimming pools for dogs saw particularly good sales. Although, this bestseller comes big enough to allow humans a quick dip as well!



As a nation, Brits are well known for their propensity to enjoy the sun a bit too much. Luckily, this year it appears some buyers were prepared… Over 115,000 sun hats were sold over the three weeks, an increase of nearly 150% on the previous period. Sun cream sales also increased over 200%, with £1.39 million revenue – there was a peak in the week commencing 31st May as the realisation dawned that some sun protection might actually be needed.

However, for some, it was clearly too late; aftersun sales soared by 452% compared to the previous period – more than double the growth of sun cream. If you’re one of the majority who fell victim to the sun over Britain’s short lived heatwave, perhaps the link below will help you out.

All data from JungleScout’s Cobalt tool. Unless otherwise stated, data covers the period 26th May – 16th June, in comparison to the previous three week period.